Public Service Badge


Anyone who drives a Public Service Vehicle such as a bus, auto – rickshaw, Taxi etc., should obtain a badge from the Transport Department. Persons with 6 months driving experience in Light Motor Vehicles and 2 years experience in Heavy Motor Vehicles may apply for the badge.  The antecedents of applicants are verified from the Police Department before grant of Public Service Vehicle Badge.

  1. Who can apply for Public Service Vehicle Badge?
    1. The applicant should hold a valid driving license.
    2. Applicant should appear in person to undergo driving test.
    3. Applicant should have passed 8th Standard
  1. What are the documents to be given?
  2. ApplicationForm LTVA
  3. Declaration as to fitness in Form 1
  4. Medical certificate as in Form 1a
  5. Form-5 (For persons applying through driving school)
  6. Driving License
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